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Tuna Bay Island Resort No. 120, Jalan Besar, Kuala Terengganu TE 22300
Pro Clinic Computer (Marang) 424-D Kampung Rhu Rendang Kuala Terengganu TE 21600
Astro Customer Service Centres 129-b, Jalan Engku Sar, 20300 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
+60 3-9543 6688
City-Link Express @ Kuala Terengganu Jalan Pejabat, 20200 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia
+60 9-623 3531
DiGi Center Jalan Sultan Ismail, 20200 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia
+60 16-221 1800
Gdex 137-b, Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin, 20000 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
+60 9-620 3006
Poslaju Kuala Terengganu Pos Malaysia Berhad, Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin, 20670 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
+60 9-630 1846
Lee Klinik 10C, Jalan Tok Lam, 20100, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, 20100, Malaysia
+60 9-622 2955
Bank Rakyat @ Kuala Terangganu 8-9, Jalan Kampung Daik, Pusat Niaga Paya Keladi, 20000 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia
+60 9-630 9989
Pejabat Pos Manir JKR569, Jalan Kelantan, 21200 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, 21200, Malaysia
+60 9-615 2992
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Gdex Reviewed by: Angie napelah Gdex k.trg ni call berkali kali xpenah angkat ??? xda pekerja ke ??perkerja sibuk main FB ??? duit pun dah ambik rm39.70 tapi barang hok suruh hantar ke dungun je dah seminggu customer saya xd
Gdex Reviewed by: Basirah 8 hari barang tak sampai lagi.Kol nak dekat 10 kali baru angkat. Dia kata barang dah ada di gdex K.terengganu tapi tak boleh hantar sebab luar kawasan. Kena tunggu agen dorang. Saya duduk di marang j
Areeibaf Homestay Kuala Terengganu Reviewed by: Wan Habibullah Indah, selesa dan cantik!

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Areeibaf Homestay Kuala Terengganu -Areeibaf Homestay
yeah -Mic Owe
Jom menginap di Homestay Sri Idaman sambil menikmati cuti-cuti Terengganu Selesa , memang berbaloiii -Zuraida Mohamad
Homestay Sri Idaman, Kuala Terengganu, Gong Badak menawarkan penginapan selesa. Hnya RM 150/nite. -Zuraida Mohamad

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Kuala Terengganu





Kuala Terengganu
State Capital
Cities of Malaysia
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Flag of Kuala Terengganu
Official seal of Kuala Terengganu
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Kuala Terengganu, end of the 19th century.

The name Kuala Terengganu is roughly translated as "the confluence/estuary of Terengganu", referring to the broad expanse of the Terengganu River estuary which empties into the ocean. Among the earliest references of Terengganu are in Chinese historical sources. A Chinese writer’s note during the Sui dynasty has mentioned about a state named Tan-Tan that sent tributes to China. The state was presumably located somewhere in Terengganu. Tan-Tan sent tributesto Sui dynasty and then to the Tang dynasty after Sui dynasty has collapsed. It ceased to send tributes to China after it came under the dominance of the Srivijaya during the 7th century.

Chinese history books such as Ling-wai-dai-da (嶺外代答) written by Zhou Qufei (周去非) in 1178 and the book Zhufan Zhi (嶺外代答; also romanised as Chu-fanchi) written by Zhao Rugua (趙汝适; also romanised as Chau Ju-Kua) in 1226 mentioned Teng-ya-nu and Teng-ya-nung respectively, as being a dependency of San-fo-ts’i (三佛齊). Both referred to Terengganu as being a vassal state to Srivijaya. After Srivijaya fell during the 13th century, Terengganu came under the influence of Majapahit. In the 15th century, Majapahit was vying with Ayutthaya Kingdomand the nascent Malacca Sultanate for the control of the Malay Peninsula. Malacca Sultanate prevailed and Terengganu then came under its influence. When the Malacca Sultanate fell in 1511 to the Portuguese, the newly established Sultanate of Johor exerted its influence on most of the former territories of the Malacca Sultanate, including Terengganu. Terengganu was briefly under the influence of the Aceh Sultanate during the early 17th century, but Johor managed to exert its influence again on Terengganu in the late 17th century.

The present Sultanate of Terengganu was established in the 1708.[9] The first Sultan of Terengganu, Sultan Zainal Abidin I established his court near Kuala Berang, then he moved his court a few more times until he settled near Bukit Keledang, Kuala Terengganu. During the early 18th century, Kuala Terengganu was still a small town. It was described as having about one thousand houses that were scattered around the town. The Chinese was already present in Kuala Terengganu at that time. Half of the population were Chinese and they were engaged in agriculture and trading.

By the 19th century, Kuala Terengganu has become a large and populous town. Thomas John Newbold, an English soldier in the service of the East India Company, estimated population of Kuala Terengganu was around 15,000 to 20,000 Malays with 600 Chinese, but it was presumably an overestimation. There were few brick buildings in the town. The principal brick buildings were a mosque and a custom house. Most of the houses were made of wood and thatch. The Chinese settlement in Kuala Terengganu, Kampung Cina, has become an old and established settlement. Most of the houses and shops in Kampung Cina were made of stone and brick. There were also a considerable number of Arabs and their descendant in Kuala Terengganu. Kuala Terengganu was a major fishing port and one of the important trading ports in Malaya. The chief export commodities were coffee, gambier, gold, ivory, pepper and tin. It were mainly traded for rice, tobacco, cotton goods and opium.

After the death of Sultan Daud in 1831, a brief civil war erupted between two claimants to the throne, namely Tengku Mansur and Tengku Omar. Tengku Omar was based at Bukit Puteri while Tengku Mansur was based at Balik Bukit. Tengku Omar was defeated by Tengku Mansur and he fled from Terengganu. Tengku Mansur became the next Sultan as Sultan Mansur II. His son, Sultan Muhammad succeeded him as the next Sultan after his death in 1837. But, in 1839, Tengku Omar returned to Terengganu with his entourage to reclaim the throne. He defeated Sultan Muhammad and forced Sultan Muhammad to flee. Tengku Omar reoccupied his fort at Bukit Puteri and was throned as the next Sultan, Sultan Omar.

In 1862, ex-Sultan of Riau-Lingga, Sultan Mahmud IV Muzaffar Shah went to Terengganu from Bangkok on a Siamese vessel. The British requested that the ex-Sultan to be withdrawn because the British accused the ex-Sultan and also the Sultan of Terengganu, Sultan Omar of supporting Wan Ahmad. Wan Ahmad had constantly attacked Pahang using Kemaman as his base and British trade there were disrupted by the constant attacks. The Siamese agreed to British request, but they have yet to follow through with their agreement. The Strait Settlements Governor, Sir Orfeur Cavenagh sent three ships, HMS Scout, HMS Coquette and a steamer Tonze to Kuala Terengganu, under the command of Captain Corbett, accompanied by Major MacPherson. They were sent with orders to compel the ex-Sultan of Riau-Lingga to be sent back by the British to Siam, and to call upon the Sultan to cease supporting Wan Ahmad. After the Sultan of Terengganu declined to surrender the ex-Sultan to the British, the ships bombarded Kuala Terengganu. The Sultan of Terengganu and the ex-Sultan had fled Kuala Terengganu during the bombardment. The ships then returned to Singapore.

Kuala Terengganu was ravaged by a fire in 1882. The fire that swept through Kuala Terengganu destroyed many buildings, including Istana Hijau, the Sultan’s palace. Istana Maziah was later built to replace the destroyed palace.












The architecture of Kuala Terengganu is a blend of old colonial influences, traditional Terengganu's Malay architecture, Asian traditions, Malay Islamic inspirations, modern, and postmodern architecture mix. Most of the styling has been modified to use local resources and acclimatised to the local climate, which is hot and humid all year around. Prior to the Second World War, many shophouses, usually two stories with functional shops on the ground floor and separate residential spaces upstairs, were built around the old city centre. These shop-houses drew inspiration from Straits Chinese, mainland China and European traditions, most of the building's architecture can be found in the old city center in Jalan Bandar, Chinatown, Kuala Terengganu.

Independence coupled with the rapid economic growth from the 1970s to the 1990s and with Islam being the official religion in the country, has resulted in the construction of buildings with a more local traditional Terengganu's Malay architecture and Islamic flavour arise around the city. Many of these buildings derive their design from Terenggaanu house belongs to the “Rumah Tiang Dua Belas” type, named after the 12 posts ( 3 rows of four ) which extend from the foundation to the roof.






Kuala Terengganu has many public parks and recreation, mostly built with functionality and different landscapes. Bukit Pak Apil or Taman Panorama is located just at the south of the KTcity center between Jalan Kemajuan and Jalan Cherung Lanjut. The walk / hike up the hill (5 minutes to the halfway point with a playground and orchid garden, another 10 minutes for the way up the highest point) starts from the parking area at Jalan Kemajuan near the junction to Jalan Air Jernih / Jalan Cherung Lanjut. Taman Panorama offers fresh air with lots of greeneries and calming views of the ocean and city center when you reach the peak.

Pulau Warisan (English: Heritage Island) at the mouth of the Terengganu River is a man-made island. Located close to Kedai Payang Market and Kampong China (Chinatown, Kuala Terengganu), it is now a new tourism icon for Kuala Terengganu. There is a road linking the market to this area until it reaches Seri Malaysia Hotel on the other end. The island is supposed to have many stalls selling handicrafts as well as the recreation areas. This a new recreation area for Kuala Terengganu folks. This area is very strategic in terms of view as you can see clearly Pulau Duyong's Ri Yaz Hotel and the venue of the annual Monsoon Cup competition. If you are interested to visit this area, you can start walking either from Kedai Payang Market or Hotel Seri Malaysia, follow the back road of Jalan kampong China.

Taman Shahbandar is a park and square situated on the banks of the Terengganu river where they are partly facing towards the South China Sea, many gatherings in the city held in these square. For example, in the Independence Day parade ceremony, the celebration of New Year's Eve, concerts and other entertainments.

Located in front of the Dataran Shahbandar is a Maziah Garden separated by road. This park is located in the palace of the Sultan of Terengganu, Istana Maziah. Although this royal garden, but it is open to the public. Taman Maziah and Dataran Shahbandar were the places where you can walk under the shade of big trees. Trees over hundred years age are still living strongly here. The garden is suitable for recreational activities and relaxing in the evening.





Tourism and Culture



The Floating Mosque

Kuala Terengganu has a number of places of interest. Chinatown (Malay: Kampung Cina, Simplified Chinese: 唐人坡, pinyin: Teng Lang Po) is one of the main attractions. This settlement is a row of shophouses from the prewar era, with some of them dating back from 1700s. Most of the houses are 2 stories high, mainly made of bricks or concrete, with wooden flooring for the second storey. Some have kept the intricate wood carving windows, huge heavy wooden front doors, and olden plaques. The centuries old buildings now consists of sundry shops, local coffee shops, offices, souvenir shops, restaurants, kopitiam, and other services. It is home to two Chinese temples, Ho Ann Kiong Temple and Tien Hou Kong, which was built in 1801 and 1896. Another landmark is the 19th-century Low Tiey water well, erected in 1875. After years and years, it still supplies clean water to Chinatown's residents. Many of the buildings here have undergone restoration or beautification programmes to make them more appealing, but without destroying the heritage value.

Pasar Besar Kedai Payang or Central Market (more commonly known as Pasar Payang) is the main market of the city. This double-storey building houses different kinds of goods, ranging from fresh produce, poultry, sea products, traditional delicacies, home products, clothes, and handicrafts such as batik, songket, and brassware.

The Terengganu State Museum, the largest museum complex in South East Asia, is located on 27 hectares oin Kampung Losong. The architecture is based on the traditional Terengganu Malay house known as rumah tele. It has eight different galleries such as Petronas Gallery, Maritime Gallery, and Islam Gallery. The museum is also the home of the Terengganu Inscription Stone, the oldest artefact with Jawi writing in this country. Near the museum is Islamic Heritage Park (Malay: Taman Tamadun Islam). This park has various replicas of the mosque from all over the world. The Crystal Mosque is also located here.

In the heart of the city is a small hill known as Bukit Puteri. With a height of about 200 metres, the hill is strategically located near the banks ofTerengganu River. It was formerly used as a fort by the sultans of the state. Old artefacts can be found on top of the hill. During the holy month ofRamadan, a century-old brass bell known as genta will be rung to signify that it is time for iftar, or the end of the fasting on that day.

Other attractions of Kuala Terengganu include Batu Buruk Beach, Teluk Ketapang Beach, Istana Maziah, Pulau Duyong traditional boat-making industry, traditional weaponry making industry, Abidin Mosque, and Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque.

Kuala Terengganu is famous for its keropok lekor Losong, a traditional delicacy made from fish, and other traditional dishes such as nasi dagang, laksam, laksa Terengganu, otak-otak, sata, pulut lepa, ketupat sotong, and roti paun.

















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